I Wanna Be Sedated

Or maybe I already am. It’s the end of a long day and I feel numb. I had every intention of spending the afternoon proofing and developing the next book on the docket. Then I started tallying up what we owe contractors this month, which led to check writing and envelope addressing. Owed some of the same folks contracts for new projects, so then it was on to contract writing. Other freelancers needed books for reference or were owed comps, so soon I was taping up packages. In between there was an avalanche of e-mail: project questions from freelancers, interview requests from websites, continuing contract negotiations, new material for the website, proposals for new books, questions about old books, approval requests for M&M; Superlink books, and inane bullshit from several different game industry mailing lists. Went to the post office briefly with Nicole. That’s the only time I got out today. At dinner time, I had a meeting about this month’s problem child project. After 8 I finally got a bite to eat. Then spent the later part of the evening analyzing spreadsheets Nicole had worked up.

Tomorrow I’ll get to that book. And after that, the next one.

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