Now I Mean It

The other day when I used the caption “Sick of Being Sick”, I had only been ill for a day or so and figured it’d pass quickly. I used that title more because it’s an old song by the Damned than anything else. But today, I mean it! This wretched flu won’t go away. The fever comes and goes, I’ve been coughing enough to make my throad raw, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Tonight I decided I just had to work through it lest this whole week be a wash, so I pulled out the Psychic’s Handbook ms to finish my development pass. I had started this last week, first on the plane ride down to Anaheim and then during mornings at Starbucks before the exhibit hall opened. Only took a few hours to finish my development pass and send off my queries to the author and editor. Hopefully, I can get that off my plate by the weekend regardless. It helped that it’s a really good book and came in clean from both author and editor.

We are driving down to Portland this weekend to have “early Xmas” with Nik’s brother, sister-in-law, and mom. Hope I feel better by then, as I don’t want to infect my entire extended family in one go. Bleh.

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