I’m Very Pissed but at Least I Ate Well

Long time readers may remember that back in September I was the victim of credit card fraud. While I was in Atlanta for DragonCon, someone got my number and started charging all kinds of weird shit on internet sites. When I got my statement, I realized what was going on, contacted all the companies involved, and then presented what I thought was an airtight case to Bank of America. They credited me $300 and I thought it was done with.

Today I get this letter in mail from Bank of America. It tells me that their fraud department had looked into my case and decided all my contested charges were authentic and approved by me. Hence they were rejecting my claim and taking back the $300. To say I was pissed was an understatement. The fraudulent charges were made under different names in some cases or with addresses from states I’ve never lived in (like Texas and TN). It was perfectly clear to a sub-moron that these charges were not my doing, so I called Bank of America and went off on them. Their fraud department is going to “get back to me.” I do not have high hopes for this going well, since they apparently have the investigative skills of monkeys.

On the upside, I made a really good dinner tonight. Nik had gotten some sashimi grade tuna steaks, so I made grilled tuna with a miso-chile sauce that was delicious. At dinner, Kate was telling us about her day in agonizing detail (to be funny, at least to her). When she was done, she asked about our days. I told her about mine, then Nik started. She said, “I read my e-mail. Then I got mad at some people.”

Without missing a beat, Kate says, “But that happens every day! At least twice!”

Can’t get anything by that girl.

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