Chainsaw Warrior

Back in the 80s, Games Workshop made a wacky boardgame called Chainsaw Warrior. The character was later imported into Talisman, another GW game that kept me up until dawn many a night in college. Today, I wish I were the Chainsaw Warrior. For the past two days, there’s been a work crew cutting down a big tree right outside my office. And it’s not just a matter of cutting it down and shouting, “Timber!” Oh no, it’s a huge tree, so they have started at the top and are cutting off a little bit at a time. I’m trying to drown it out by blaring the Adverts and Bad Religion, but the sound of a chainsaw cuts right through even the most raucous punk rock. I sure would like to get some work done but it’s quite distracting. Urge to kill…rising. Maybe I could borrow the chainsaw just for a couple of minutes…

On the upside, the latest Bad Religion album is really good. They returned to Epitaph and returned to form. Good stuff.

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