Ork! Das Rollenspiel

Well, today is obviously “we’re big in Germany day” because we got a package from our German licensee, Truant Verlag, with the German translation of Ork! The Roleplaying Game, which was Green Ronin’s very first book. I honestly wasn’t sure this was going to happen, but we’ve got six copies and it looks awesome. Truant got all new art, much of which is hilarous. One of the illos is a parody of the classic Frank Frazetta “Death Dealer” painting, but featuring a mounted Ork instead. Another Ork is done up like a prussian aristo, with a spiked helmet, monacle, and little moustache. Oh, it’s a riot. It’s also hard to beat such headers as “Orks und Krieg”, “Orksprache”, and “Die Namengebungszeremonie”. Ironically, despite being in German, it’s 16 pages shorter than our version. I wish I had more than six.

A German website also reviewed our big mega-adventure Black Sails Over Freeport and gave it a very good rating. The best line from the Google translation: “BSOF is a multicolored wonder-bag of an adventure.” I couldn’t have said it weirder myself!

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