Amphibian Gladiators

Took a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC with Nik, Ray, and Christine. You can read general details at, while I confine my entry to one anecdote.

So Sunday the rain limited our options. We ended up at the aquarium, which is a good one that features critters like sea otters, sea lions, and beluga whales. They had a cool frog exhibit, with all kinds of funky frogs from around the world. Man, those African bull toads are huge!

While I’m making my way through the assorted frogs, I come upon a group of four 8-10 year old kids (both boys and girls) crowded around one tank. In it, a frog is hunting an insect for dinner. The kids are staring intently at the hunt, and chanting out, “Kill! Kill! Kill!” in unison. It was pretty creepy. At last the frog struck and the kids cheered and high-fived each other. Then one noted, disappointed, “Aw, he’s just sitting on it, it’s not dead yet.” At this point I moved on, so perhaps I missed the frog, shouting out, “Are you not entertained?”

Maybe I shouldn’t even mention this on the internet. “Amphibian Gladiators” will now be a mid-season replacement reality show on FOX.

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