Monkey in a Fez: The Only Choice for America

I see that Ralph Nader is going to run for president again. While I admire the guy’s gumption, I think he’s going to be disappointed. This comes from someone who voted for him in the last election. At the time I felt I couldn’t in good conscience vote for the Democrats and reward their “cozying to the right” strategy. I wanted my vote to show them that they couldn’t just assume anyone on the left would vote for them, while they tried to woo “liberal republicans.”

Well, this time all my high-minded moralizing is out the window. In 2000 I didn’t think four years of Bush Jr. could be THAT bad. I fully admit that I was dead wrong. So very wrong. Oh my god, I was wrong. The Bush administration has been an unmitigated disaster for America. It will take decades to fix the harm done to this country. So in 2004 I’m going to vote for whomever the Democrats put forward. Kerry apparently. Well, whatever. I’d literally vote for a monkey in a fez to get Bush and his cronies out of power. I have a feeling that many people who voted for Nader last time feel the same way. I would be surprised if his total votes were even half of what they were in the 200 election.

Sorry, Ralph, but sometimes who you’re voting against is more important than who you are voting for.

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