An Actual Weekend

Somehow, without me even realizing it, Nik and I have lined up a bunch of social engagements for the weekend. I mean, sure, we’re working this morning and then have a business-related lunch, but after that it’s on to something more relaxing. Last night we were over at Ray and Christine’s for drinking and conversation and got to meet some of Christine’s friends from Chicago. It’s an unusual weekend for us, since we normally just keep on working. I intend to enjoy myself.

Nothing much to report otherwise. I caught the Daredevil movie on late night cable this week and it was a total piece of shit. The writing was bad and even the action scenes were bad. Ugh. And Colin Ferrell’s Bullseye was just embarrassing. I mean, he literally points at the bullseye on his head and says, “Heh heh, bullseye, heh heh.” He’s supposed to be all cool and badass and is just laughable. And Jennifer Garner only appears once in her Elektra outfit and then it promptly killed. Just a terrible movie.

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