Punk Rock Goodness

I just got back from the Subhumans’ (the UK one, not BC one) show at Graceland. I will write a fuller report tomorrow when I’m not sweaty, tired, and listening to the ringing in my ears. Suffice to say that seeing one of my favorite bands of all time deliver a mind-numbingly awesome set on the last date of their US tour has filled me with punk rock goodness. I don’t get to shows that often but it was worth going alone, worth taking the bus, and worth risking a relapse of my flu. I only wish I had gone to last night’s show as well, as singer Dick Lucas noted that tonight they played a different set. Aarrrgggh, what did I miss? How come I didn’t get the memo saying they were doing different sets on the two nights?

Anyway, more tomrrow. If I’m feeling industrious, I may also relate the Saga of Drunk Girl.

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