As Christopher Walken Would Say, “Ouch!”

Several years ago, when I was still working at WotC, the latest copy of Dragon thumped onto my desk. I was paging through it when I saw an ad for Origins, the second biggest game con in North America. WotC was running this convention at the time. The ad showed a field of polyhedral dice and featured this tag line in big letters:

“No rest for your wrist!”

Now maybe I’m just a pervert (OK, so I’m definitely a pervert), but the first thing I thought of was NOT rolling dice. I just started laughing and showing it to my co-workers, who also busted up. I don’t know which PR genius came up with the line, but it was priceless. And ironically, the four days the attendees spent non-stop gaming was likely one of the few times of the year there was rest for their wrists.

Why do I bring this up today? Too much computer use has made my wrist sore, so I’m not going to do a big entry. Time for some rest!

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