You’re Not Special

I was in the post office Saturday morning, waiting in line to mail some GR packages. A woman with a baby was at the center station, taking a long ass time to finish her business. She was holding her baby, but had parked her giant stroller right in the middle of the aisle, blocking its use for anyone else. Another woman was called down the counter, so she walked up to the stroller and moved it to the side so she could get by. When proud mommy realizes what the other woman is up to, she turns and shoots her a dirty look. I have seen this behavior a hundred times over and it never ceases to piss me off. Look lady, you’re not special because you got knocked up and squeezed out a misanthrope-to-be. Just because you have a baby, you don’t get a free pass on basic fucking courtesy. You could easily have left your stroller to the side, so other folks could pass by, but oh no. Your mewling infant obviously entitles you to inconvenience anyone you please. It’s the miracle of childbirth, right?

When I lived in New York City, I worked as a barista in this coffee joint. The entire store had one small aisle, with the big bags of coffee on one side and some cases with coffee makers and whatnot on the other. Routinely, these yuppie moms would roll up with their doublewide strollers and wheel them right into the store. These things would trap anyone already in the store and prevent anyone else from getting by until the yuppies had done their very important business. And if anyone asked them to move, they always got all huffy about it, like they were being put upon.

Basic fucking courtesy, it’s not that hard.

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