Live from San Diego

ComicCon started earlier tonight. They do this thing called “Preview Night,” which is short hand for “really, the show starts on Wednesday.” It’s supposed to be a time for press and pros to check things out, but they also let in people with four day badges as a special perk. I guess the thinking is that’s only the hardest core, but guess what? ComicCon is ground zero for geek culture and the hard core is big! So after a long day of setup and whatnot, we had three hours of show time and even on Wednesday night there were tons of people and lines everywhere.

Backing up a bit, the drive down was epic and all hail to my lovely wife for actually getting us down here early. Turns out there is literally nothing between Sacramento and LA, so we were able to average 85 mph for a good five hours. That helped shave hours off our travel time and even getting into a bit of traffic in always-wretched LA didn’t slow us down too much. And how can you match the excitement of places like the Dike Access Road, Jumpoff Joe Creek, and Mile of Cars Way? Oh yes, it was quite exciting. Really, the trip was better than I expected, though it did take us two days and about 20 hours of driving time.

Tomorrow the show opens at 9:45 and goes until 7 pm, which is longer hours than your standard game con. I’ve got some meetings and things to squeeze in, and of course I must make time to check out more of the exhibit hall. This show is huge, the equivalent of two to three GenCons. Onwards and upwards.

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