Drunken Hydra Style

It’s 1 am in the Emerald City and I guess it’s time to stop working on WFRP for today. The manuscript is in what I call the Hydra Stage. This means that when I fix one problem, two more grow to take its place. So I’m bouncing from chapter to chapter. “Can’t finish this career until I add this skill. Can’t add this skill until I finish the magic rules. Can’t finish the magic rules until I write the line of sight rules.” Etc etc. Not that any of this is bad, mind you. It needs to get done. It just means that my estimates are always off. “Surely I’ll finish Section X today!” Well, yes, I would have, but I was simultaneously working on Sections X, Y, and Z. All that said I should be sending out the second iteration of the playtest document this week. Huzzah. I shall then celebrate for five minutes and get back to it.

The celebration part at least should be easy. Nik and I were in a Flexcar, having just dropped off a staggering number of mail orders, when she spotted a liquor store. Since this was our day with the Flexcar this week, she immediately opted to take advantage of both liquor store and adjoining supermarket. We picked up, among other things, makings for a drink of her own devising, dubbed the Nikita by our friend Christine a couple of summers ago. If you like frappuccinos but think they’d be better with booze, you’d love a Nikita. We also ponied up for some Bombay Sapphire, an absolute necessity for refreshing summer gin and tonics. When libations are required, we are ready for action.

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