The Legend of Pat Brown

A good friend of mine from college is in town this week visiting. I don’t think I’ve seen Pat in at least five years, maybe longer. You always know you’re with a good friend when you haven’t seen each other for years and you drop right into good conversation. Time doesn’t seem to matter, that connection is still there.

I took Pat and his friend Brittany (who also lives in Seattle) out to my favorite Greek place, Panos Kleftiko. I’ve probably raved about this place before but it really is one of the best Greek restaurants in America. Everything is homemade, fresh, and delicious. Pat and Brittany were an appreciative audience, which was great. Over plates of loukaniko, skordalia, keftedes, ohtopodi, and their amazing smoked rega (herring), I caught up with Pat and got to know Brittany. It was a tremendously fun evening. They may join us for dim sum in the Int’l District tomorrow and I’m planning to take Pat to the new scifi museum at some point this week. I haven’t been yet and this is as good an excuse as any to see Daleks and Cylons.

After dim sum, I need to high tail it home and get back to writing. I’ve been on a roll this week, having just completed three very productive days, and I want to press on while I’m hot. I wrote the ritual magic system today, which I’m quite please with. Tomorrow it’ll more spells and magic stuff. In a few days I should be ready to send out the next iteration of the playtest rules. As the New Bomb Turks would say, I’m runnin’ on go!

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