There Goes the Weekend

An author sent me a rough draft yesterday, saying he wasn’t sure if I worked weekends or not, but if so I could get a jump on giving him feedback. I laughed and replied, “Well, only 95% of my weekends since I started the company in 2000!” Though I may have underestimated.

So of course I was working all weekend. In fact, I was much more productive than I had been earlier in the week. I get far fewer phone calls on the weekend and that helps tremendously. When I get in a writing groove, chances are I can stay there. My goal was to finish prepping the latest iteration of the WFRP rules for playtest. Happily, I managed that yesterday, after 10 or 11 hours of work. Today I was able to do some development work on other parts of the book, and write some additional material for those sections. And that’s all for the good.

I took only a few breaks. One to hang out with Kate for a little while and the other to continue to let the new GAMA board exactly what this Full Voting Member thinks. The latter didn’t take long, as the thrust of my argument is simply, “Resign already.” Of course they won’t, but as an FVM I’m going to make them listen to what I have to say.

Now I’m going to have some dinner and then we’ll see. I have more development work to do, but maybe I’ll be wacky and start assembling my Flames of War minis.

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