My Ten Point Plan

On an industry mailing list, one of the blowhards on the current GAMA board asked me what I’d do to fix things. Of course it will be completely ignored, but at least I got a blog entry out of it. Enjoy.

Step One: The sitting board needs to be removed. This board is too divisive to accomplish anything constructive. They need to resign.

Step Two: Anyone on the board in 2003-2004 or who ran for election to the GAMA board at Origins 2004 needs to agree not to run for the board anytime over the next 5 years. The fires of partisanship need to be quenched.

Step Three: A new board needs to be elected. They need to keep GAMA going until the rest of plan unfolds.

Step Four: GAMA needs to reorganize into a trade organization that actually represents the entire industry, not just manufacturers. New by-laws should be passed to get this done. In its new form, GAMA would have four divisions: a Manufacturers Division, a Retailers Division, a Wholesalers Division, and an Independent Professionals Division. Each division would elect two representatives to the overall GAMA board of directors. A ninth, tie-breaking seat on the board would rotate amongst the four divisions, so each would have three votes on the board once every four years.

Step Five: Rename the organization GITA (Game Industry Trade Organization) or something similar. This needs to be done for two reasons. First, to better reflect the nature of the new organization. Second, to help win the battle of perception. GAMA’s name has been dragged through the mud over and over again this past year and may be damaged beyond repair.

Step Six: Run a recruiting drive for the various divisions to try to maximize participation. If you attend GTS, your booth/buyer badge includes membership for the year.

Step Seven: Elect a board using the new model (temporary board resigns at this point). The new board can move ahead with initiatives from the various divisions.

Step Eight: Run a marketing campaign for the new organization, possibly tied into annual Origins and GTS marketing. Again, we must win the battle of perception.

Step Nine: Transfer the Origins Awards to a third party to adjudicate.

Step Ten: Create business-oriented awards to be given out at GTS. These are more appropriate awards for an industry organization to give out.

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