Still Alive

My apologies on the lack of updates, I am just too slammed with work. Simon, our man from GW, was here this week, so design took a back seat to meeting with him and going over our plans for the next year or two. We hadn’t seen him for many months, so it was good to catch up. Nicole made sure to find plenty of vegetarian restaurants for Simon, since she is determined to keep him well-fed on his trips to Seattle. Dinners at Wasabi and Carmelita were delightful. The tuna tataki at the former and eggplant-potato gnocchi at the latter were beyond tasty.

I did manage to squeeze in some design work as well, but not as much as I would have liked. We are in the do-or-die stage of WFRP’s development and I am madly writing and tinkering as we lead up to the final version. In general, I am quite pleased with how things have turned out. I just wish I was at this stage two months ago. This weekend its back to spells for me, since I have just finished the last six careers I’ll be adding to the core rules.

In other GR news, Red Star started shipping to distributors today at last. I’m very happy with how this book came out and I’m keen to see how it goes over. There’s really nothing like the Red Star in gaming and d20 Modern has no definitive campaign setting. Can you dig it, comrades?

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