Some Random Bits

1) I finally saw the Pianist and it was quite good. It’s interesting how in extremely dire circumstances simple survival can be heroic. The guy doesn’t do anything to end the war himself. He doesn’t fight in either the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising or the later uprising of the Polish Home Army in 1944. The closest he gets to action is smuggling some guns into the ghetto. Still though, it’s a triumph that he somehow managed to live through the entire war as a Jew in Warsaw, even when the Germans leveled the entire city.

2) I am getting perilously close to finishing the last few chapters of WFRP. Huzzah! Naturally, Kate came home today with strep throat. I am currently rooting for my antibodies. There is no way I can possible afford to get sick right now.

3) The Daily Show did a piece on the Curse of the Bambino tonight. Rob Cordry mentions the Number of the Beast to this young sox fan and the kid stares at him blankly. Cordry quips, “Look, you’re a teenager from Boston. If you haven’t even heard of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, how are you going to worship the devil?” This cracked me up, since during my pre-punk teenage years in the Boston area I used to blast “The Number of the Beast” all the time. Kids today, I tell ya.

4) I picked up the new Bad Religion album, “The Empire Strikes First.” It’s got all the classic BR elements and the political situation has made them extra pissed off, which is good in my book. Best song title: “Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever.”

5) I voted today, via my mail-in ballot. I felt very empowered voting against Bush and Cheney. As ludicrous as it sounds, filling in the little circle made me feel like I was at least doing something.

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