Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving turned out to be quite nice this year. We headed over the Chez Winninger in the early afternoon. Nicole had made two different stuffings, John and Jenny brought homemade pumpkin pies and brined the turkey, and Bill and Chris brought candied yams and the classic green bean casserole. Christine oversaw the main event and the resultant feast was just lovely. You know it’s a good Thanksgiving if you’re still feeling stuffed five hours later.

I spent much of the weekend working on WFRP adventures, but went out both nights for some R&R.; A week after bitching about being too much involved with the game industry, what did I do for fun? I played games. Saturday I was back at Ray’s for a couple of games of Up Front (the old Avalon Hill card game). Nicole and Kate came by later (after some Xmas shopping) and Christine whipped up a late night frittata that hit the spot. Sadly, we missed the turkey sandwiches on Friday, as I was working. Sunday I went to Rick’s place to try out the new edition of Warhammer 40K. Yes, that’s right, my break from Warhammer was to play…Warhammer. Oh, sweet irony. Nonetheless, it was recreational gaming and fun to boot.

I’m pretty pleased with most of the changes to 40K this time around. Tanks can once again move and fire, Leadership has been made more important with new targeting rules, and close combat has been sped up. My Imperial Guard performed well, as for once my dice rolling was actually decent. I managed to outshoot Space Marines and even had success in close combat (rare with Guard armies) when my Rough Riders managed to charge and annihilate a unit of tactical marines that had been softened up with heavy weapons fire. My usual experience with Rough Riders is that they get shot up before they can do shit, so this was a welcome change of pace.

Wednesday I’m heading off to GenCon SoCal in Anaheim. Unless there’s some problem with the printer, we should be getting some advanced copies of the Black Company Campaign Setting in on Saturday so we can debut it at the show. I’m looking forward to this break in my usual routine.

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