To Recap

We left on Friday and flew into Chicago and a huge snow storm. After landing, we spent 45 minutes on the ground because another plane was being deiced in our gate. When we left the plane, we raced to get to our next flight, which was scheduled to leave in five minutes. We spent another half an hour at the gate, as it was deiced, then another half hour on the runway waiting for plows to finish and other plans to leave. Amazingly, we get out of Chicago, one of the last planes to do so. Flight is OK except for Russian jackass behind us who keeps kicking our chairs.

We arrive in London Saturday morning. Guess what? The delays of our flight were not enough for our luggage to get onto the second flight. They assure us bags will be in the afternoon. We head off to Nottingham. By this morning, no bags have arrived. Airline says the express company had them 4 pm on Saturday. Today we had no fresh clothes, no adaptors, etc. At 4 pm the bags finally arrive. It took the ‘express’ company 24 full hours to get us our stuff. Jackasses.

Now I’m on the hotel web station and I can’t get my e-mail. I’m hoping everything gets better from now on on this trip. Later.

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