Jedi on the Loose

I was downtown the other day, having a bite at the falafel joint I mentioned a little while back. There were three young nerds in line in front of me. One of them had just bought one of those pricey light saber replicas and as he was ordering he kept stealing glances back to their table to make sure no one was absconding with it. I got my food and was reading the newspaper when I heard one of them start whooping. He rushed out of the restaurant brandishing his weapon, and ran down the street shouting at passersby. Stunned pedestrians stopped and stared, while his two friends nearly fell off their chairs laughing. The young Padawan returned a few minutes later (mission accomplished?) and they calmed down a bit. As I was walking out the door, one of the other guys said, “When I get my Jedi robe…”

I didn’t stick around for the end of that sentence. Imagining the possibilities is much more entertaining.

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