Golf Club Update

Yesterday Nicole turned into my very own PI. She looked up all the Kesslers in Seattle. When none of them turned out to live near us, she started calling each in turn and asking after Fay Kessler. She eventually tracked down the right guy. He turned out to be in his 80s and his car had been stolen with the golf clubs inside. Suddenly the road flares made a lot of sense. His car was insured, but of course the golf clubs were not. We gave him the case number so he could call the police and then he came by and picked up the golf clubs from Nik while I was downtown at the post office (mailing, amongst other things, a package to a certain freelancer in Australia).

Now the question is whether or not the kids in the alley boosted the car, or did they maybe find it ditched somewhere and loot the trunk? But hey, the mystery is at least partially solved and Mr. Kessler was very happy to get his golf clubs back. We think it likely they belonged to his late wife, so they probably have sentimental value.

If you’d like to hire Nicole Lindroos, PI, our rates are very reasonable. She’s also a helluva cook.

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