Still Kicking

I got sick two weeks ago and spent a couple of days incapacitated in bed. The worst of it was over in three days, but symptoms lingered until just yesterday. I continued to sneeze and cough and had a bit of a rattle in my chest. Nothing debilitating, but it was quite annoying. I went back to work and even did some socializing but it just keep dragging on. Now I am finally feeling like I kicked it. It’s about damn time. No health insurance is just another great “perk” of running your own game company.

I don’t have a lot to report right now. There’s plenty going on but little of it I can talk about in public. I will say that Mutants & Masterminds is finally shipping out of our warehouse this week, after a seemingly interminable transit from the printer. It’s a good thing too. I think fans were getting ready to form a mob and come to our offices. It’s a kickass book too, especially when you consider the circumstances under which it was completed. Soon now it’ll be in a store near you.

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