Seattle Interlude

I got back from Ft. Wayne on Monday night and then I’m flying out on another business trip on Saturday morning. I’ve got a big pile of stuff to do before I go and my Seattle interlude is flying by. In good news I finished the WFRP adventure I’ve been working on yesterday. Huzzah. Next couple of days it’s going to be contracts, payments, comps, and other administrative delights. On the upside, I’ve been invited out tonight to celebrate the forthcoming indictments of various crooks and liars with booze and burlesque and that sounds plenty good to me.

The Alliance Open House was very good. It’s worth the trip to meet and interact with several hundred retailers, show off our assorted product lines, and pimp our upcoming books. The second day of the show is a warehouse sale and Alliance is nice enough to let manufacturers partake. This is my yearly excuse to pick up a pile of Osprey books and I did my patriotic duty in that regard. It’s probably a good thing Osprey does not have a subscription program or I’d be broke.

One of the books I picked up was the Russian Civil War (1) the Red Army. Reading it in my hotel room Sunday night I was overcome with a powerful and dangerous idea. It would not be difficult to come up with Flames of War army lists for the Russian Civil War and British company Peter Pig makes a line of Russian Civil War miniatures in 15mm scale. Wargaming with Cossacks, Chekists, Red Guards, the Czech Legion, foreign interventionists, and Makhnovists—oh yeah, baby. Not to mention armored trains. When I got home I checked out the Peter Pig website and discovered that they even make armored train models in the proper scale. I may be doomed.

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