A Recipe for Hyperbole

The oldest known printed recipe for chowder appeared in the Boston Evening Post on September 23, 1751. Here it is, in its entirety:

First lay some Onions to keep the Pork from burning,
Because in Chouder there can be no turning:
Then lay some Pork in Slices very thin,
Thus you in Chouder must always begin.
Next lay some Fish cut crossways very nice,
Then season well with Pepper, Salt, and Spice;
Parsley, Sweet-Majoram, Savory, and Thyme,
Then Biscuit next which must be soak’d some Time.
Thus your Foundation laid, you will be able
To raise a Chouder, high as Tower of Babel:
For by repeating o’re the Same again,
You may make Chouder for a thousand Men,
Last Bottle of Claret, with Water eno’ to smother ’em
You’l have a Mess which some call Omnium gather ’em.

That’s what I call style. It’s one part recipe, one part poetry, and a heaping scoop of hyperbole. I demand my Tower of Babel Chowder now!

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