Callie and Court

I am back at last from GenCon SoCal in Anaheim, so those of you waiting for e-mails back from me should be seeing them soon. The show went pretty well, thought it would have gone better if we had a new product there. Still, it was good to get out and spread the GR love. Also nice to catch up with folks like Bruce Harlick, Christian Gossett, Jeff Tidball, Ken Hite, Keith Baker, Stan!, JD Wiker, Jim Pinto, and Paul Tevis.

This year the dealer’s hall was only open three days. To make that up to us, someone decided to extend the hours of each day, which meant 10-7 Friday and Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. With only Nik and I there and her out of the booth doing Blue Rose demos Friday and Saturday that meant I did a lot of booth duty. Saturday I was at the booth from 9:30 am until 7:15 pm. I don’t know how it was with other vendors, but I didn’t find the extra hour a day too helpful. I don’t think we got extra sales and I’d have rather have knocked off at 6 pm and gone to dinner earlier.

Due to my booth duties, I did not get a chance to do much else but eat and do some hanging out. I made one tour through the dealer’s hall and didn’t see anything that I just had to have. I was hoping to see more historical miniatures on hand, but it seems like those folks didn’t support the show this year. Did the usual trading at show’s end and brought home Spycraft 2.0, Iron Kingdoms World Guide, and A Game of Thrones Deluxe, all of which look quite nice. I also traded with a vendor who was selling foam swords. Not usually my kind of thing, but I thought Kate would enjoy them. I traded for two and will give one to her for Xmas and keep one to defend myself. Hope I don’t regret that!

Sunday Paul interviewed me for his Podcast, Have Games, Will Travel, and that was good fun. We finished the interview and then kept talking. Ten minutes later we realized we should have talked about that stuff during the interview, so he turned on the equipment and we got back into it. Not sure when it’ll be available, but I look forward to hearing the final result.

On my return I got right into the holiday spirit by going to court. Yeah, baby. As you may or may not recall, I got a ticket for opening the rear driver side door of a cab into a minivan that simply couldn’t wait for the cab to let us out. I argued my case in front of a judge yesterday, pointing out that if the cab had pulled all the way in or the minivan had been even a little patient, this accident would not have happened. He was sympathetic and reduced the ticket from $110 to $50. I was hoping he’d just throw the thing out, but the reduction was better than nothing. And here I never though opening a door could be a crime.

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