Viva Las Vegas

I’m leaving for GAMA Trade Show in glitzy Las Vegas early tomorrow morning and I’ll be gone all week. Don’t expect to hear anything from me, as I’ll be busy showing off GR’s wares and taking part in exciting announcements at the big show. The last several weeks have been all about the GTS prep and now hopefully it pays off. Just about everything did come together in the end, so we are ready. I wish the printer was able to get us a few advanced copies of True20 Adventure Roleplaying to show off, but that’s not a big deal. Getting our new superslick catalog done was far more important and that was done on time.

All this is fairly standard pre-show prep, but this year did have one new wrinkle. I’ve been painting up 15mm tanks in my free time and Nicole tackled a unit of pioneers, bless her. John Kovalic and I are going to play a game of Flames of War tomorrow and I’ve been trying to at least get the basics done on my panzer company. I think only one unit will appear in just a black undercoat (or as I call it, “night camoflage”). I rarely get to play games at GTS, so this ought to be fun.

So Viva Las Vegas! See ya’ll next week.

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