Of Thor and the Circle of Infection

There’s a Norse myth I’m rather fond of in which Thor and Loki visit with a giant king and are challenged to a series of tests. Thor boasts that he can drink more than anyone, so he is given a big drinking horn and quaffs a staggering amount. When he lowers the horn, he is amazed to see that level of the liquid has barely dropped. Naturally, the giant king is playing with Thor and Loki and all the tests are bogus. The drinking horn is filled with the Atlantic Ocean, so no matter how much Thor drank there was always more. His mighty effort did cause the phenomena of tides, however.

Today I know just how Thor felt. I was up at eight and I’ve put in a 12-hour day. I got a ton of stuff done, some of which had been hanging out there for weeks. Despite that, I feel like my drinking horn is still brimming. It does not help that I still have that damn sickness I picked in Vegas. Nicole has it too and she’s cursing my name. I think we may have created a circle of infection. That’s like the opposite of the circle of life. I felt better two days ago than I do today and in that time Nik has gotten worse. I am beginning to wonder if she re-infected me as I was getting better, starting the whole cycle again. Where’s the Goddess of Mercy when you need her?

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