Uncomfortable Conversations of Middle Earth

As Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli run through Rohan after the fleeing Orcs of Isengard, they have long hours to fill with conversation. Most never appeared in the Lord of the Rings…

Legolas: “Aragorn, you have the endurance of ten men!”

Aragorn: “The blood of heroes runs in my veins. Although I will always live in the shadow of their greatness, I strive to be worthy of my birthright.”

Legolas: “Your lineage is indeed impressive. Beren and Luthien, Thingol and Turgon, and Earendil the Mariner himself.”

Gimli: “And even so Lord Elrond will not let you wed the lady Arwen?”

Aragorn: “Not until I am king, dwarf-friend.”

Gimli: “He must think her more precious than mithril!”

Aragorn: “She is, Gimli. She is the Evenstar.”

Gimli: “Yes, indeed. Now if I have my story straight, you are also descended from Elros?”

Aragorn: “I am.”

Legolas: “He was the first king of Numenor.”

Gimli: “Right. And he was Elrond’s brother?”

Legolas: “Yes, and like Elrond he was half-elven. He chose a mortal life, however.”

Gimli: “I see. So…Aragorn is descended from Elros and Arwen is Elrond’s daughter.”

Aragorn: “Yes, yes, you have it right. Is there some point you are trying to make?”

Gimli: “Well, I’ve just been wondering, doesn’t that mean that you are Arwen are related?”

Aragorn: “Yes. What of it?”

Gimli: “Nothing, nothing.”

Legolas: “Come, Gimli, speak your mind. It is clear you have more to say.”

Gimli: “I just thought humans considered it bad form to marry in the family. Some say it was such inbreeding that created the hobbits.”

Aragorn: “At least we have women! Ever seen a dwarf woman, Legolas?”

Legolas: “I have not. Nor has any elf or man.”

Gimli: “We have women. Scores of ’em. Hundreds of ’em. We have so many women…”

Legolas: “So many women, what?”

Gimli: “Never mind, Aragorn’s right. There are no dwarf women. We are a brotherhood of men.”

Legolas: “I knew there was a reason I liked you!”

Aragorn: “Both of you shut up and keep running.”

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