10 Things I Learned in the Past Year

If you have fond memories of a book or movie from your teenage years, keep those good feelings by not reading or watching it again.

Freelancers with good paying day jobs are more likely to be dicks about money than freelancers living hand to mouth.

Seeing a documentary about Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre is not the most festive thing you can do on your birthday.

You shouldn’t be surprised when your friend the artist shows up to a minis game with a nicely painted army.

When you start buying books in languages you can’t read because they have pictures you haven’t seen before, you may have too many books about WWII.

Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are delicious and super cheap.

I am lucky to have such good friends.

It is incredibly rare but possible for a band to take 20 years off and come back with great new material. Mission of Burma proved it and my fingers are crossed that Radio Birdman will do the same this summer.

Even if you are a bit of a curmudgeon, rabbits make OK pets.

There is apparently nothing an American politician can do that is outrageous enough to get the average citizen out on the streets.

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