Everything Old and Crappy Is New Again and Still Crappy

When I was 13 years old, I read some very exciting news in Dragon Magazine: there was going to be a D&D; cartoon. I had started playing D&D; when I was 10, so the fact that my new hobby was going to be on TV was damn cool. I eagerly awaited the show’s debut. And then…it totally sucked ass. It sucked ass in ways that asses had never even thought of. A little boy with a club who was supposed to be a barbarian? A paladin with a shield but no sword? Uni the frickin’ unicorn?! Truly a dreadful show and I was surely not sad when they finally cancelled it.

This week I opened up the new issue of Game Trade and there was an ad for a DVD set of the D&D; cartoon. I shuddered. Then I read the sales text and discovered that it comes with a 32 page hardback Animated Show Handbook for D&D; 3.5. It stats up the characters and their items and yes, even Uni the frickin’ unicorn. Oh yes, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I suppose it is something new for 3.5. I don’t think they’ve ever statted up retarded children before.

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