Seven Songs for Seven Suckers

Things are busy here on Xmas weekend. Over the past couple of days we’ve had three 2-legged and one 4-legged houseguest arrive, so Nik and I had to do a lot of cleaning and rearranging to get things in order. I feel a great book and game purge coming on because right now I don’t think our house can take any more stuff. And man, I’ve got a LOT of d20 books that weren’t very good in the first place and are totally outdated anyway.

Not much else to write coherently about at the moment, so I’ll leave by self-tagging on a music meme from my pal Cecil. Here are seven songs that I’m really enjoying right now.

1. The Epoxies, “Beat My Guest”
2. Mission of Burma, “Youth of America”
3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Stagger Lee”
4. The Tossers, “D’Ampton Worm”
5. The Dicks, “Hate the Police”
6. Go Betty Go, “I’m from LA”
7. Bad Brains, “Big Takeover”

And hell, here are three runners-up to make it an even ten.
8. Regan Youth, “Degenerated”
9. Tiger Army, “Outlaw Heart”
10. Crux, “Keep on Running”

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