Almost There

I had fallen asleep thinking about what to do with a particular character in my Freeport setting and I guess my brain kept thinking about that while I was asleep. After I had coffee this morning and got the odd dream I had woken up to out of my head (why was I looking for pork while spies shot blowguns at me?), I got right to work on the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport. I cranked out 3,000 words, which is a good day for me these days, and finished two sections of the book. I now have only one chapter and some development work left to finish and I’ll be done. Schwalb, O’Duffy, and I made a good team on this book and I think it’s going to come out great. Next challenge: art and maps.

Tonight I feel like I have earned some Nazi killing in Call of Duty 2. Then perhaps I’ll find some time to glue and mount some minis. Kate got me some 15mm Panzer IVH’s for Xmas, which I can really use for my late war army. A couple of weeks ago when she was hunting for gift ideas for me, she came into my room one night and asked, “So Chris…do you still like tanks?” It was terribly cute.

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