It’s a G-G-G-Ghost!

A few weeks ago during the big windstorm and power outage, we had a strange experience in the house. Nicole had been out that first day to look for batteries and whatnot. She had been looking particularly for C batteries for our boom box, so we could at least listen to the radio and CDs during the blackout. She was too late though and there were no C batteries to be found. Later Nik, Kate, and I were playing a board game by candlelight. Suddenly the boom box powered on, there was a burst of static, and then we all clearly heard the name “Dave” come from the speakers. There was another burst of static and it shut off. So in the middle of a blackout, a boom box with no batteries even in it turned on and spoke to us. It was really odd.

This has, of course, led to a lot of talk as to who this Dave is. Naturally, we have decided that Dave is a ghost haunting our house. Now when something inexplicable happens, we have someone to blame. When Kate can’t find her Nintendo DS or there are missing socks, cries of “It’s Dave” echo around the house. It must be said that building up our own ghostly folklore is pretty amusing. Dave is not responsible for any murders just yet, but there’s still time.

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