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I brought in some CDs to work this week so I could rip some new music into my I-Tunes. It’s amazing how even a robust collection of music can get tired after a couple of months. One of the albums I brought was 13-Point Program to Destroy America by Nation of Ulysses. I tend to think of NoU as one of the newer DC punk bands I suppose they are when compared to bands like the Faith, Minor Threat, and Iron Cross. On ripping the CD though, I could help but notice the date of the songs: 1991. Yeah, 16 years ago and not in fact new by any definition.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was seeing Nation of Ulysses play the Pyramid Club in NYC with Bikini Kill. This must have in 1990 or so. It was a really fun show, the first time I had heard either band. NoU’s mock revolutionary rhetoric was amusing and Bikini Kill’s punk rock feminism was refreshing. This was right at the beginning of the whole riot girl movement. Now both bands are long broken up and my brain is about 10 years out of date. Time to hit the reset button I guess.

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