A Hell of a Town

We’re leaving for NYC tonight for the big ComicCon there. Since GR had the Mutants & Mastermind’s Beginner’s Guide (an intro product) schedule for this month anyway, this seemed like a great place to debut it. Plus, it’s a good excuse for me to visit NYC. I had hoped to have a little more time to spend bumming around the city, but the brutal show hours plus limited vacation days from Flying Lab are making it a lean and mean trip. Still, I will have a chance to see some old friends and hit some good restaurants, so I’m totally looking forward to the trip.

Today at Flying Lab I’m grinding on missions, trying to finish up my most recent block before I head off. These are some of the first mission arcs I’ve gotten to plan out from top to bottom, so that’s satisfying. I got to create all the content, characters, and missions in several towns. That meant researching their history and then riffing off that to create fun storylines. Totally up my alley.

After work it’s home to pack and get ready for the redeye. Wohoo redeye! My internet access will be limited, so I probably won’t have anything to say until next week.

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