Another One Bites the Dust

I got up early this morning, determined to get some shit done. Spent about an hour proofing and polishing something for GR, and then cut up about three months worth of accumulated boxes on our back porch and garage. This allowed us to move the Christmas stuff still littering the living room into the garage and reclaim that room a bit from the encroaching tide of stuff.

Around 1 Rick swung by, as we had plans to visit American Eagles AKA the game store that time forgot. The way to American Eagles goes right by Fire and Sword, a miniatures shop near the Northgate Mall. Rick asked me if I wanted to stop in and I said sure. We got inside to find that all stock was 30% off. A cursory glance around showed the racks were pretty picked over. I asked if the store was going out of business and one of the employees confirmed that it was indeed on its way out. After 5 years the owner was packing it in. It’s hard to be a game retailer these days.

I always liked Fire and Sword. It was miniatures focused, which made it unique of all the stores in Seattle. The owner was also pleasant and seemed to be doing it because he loved it. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t that close to me and as I don’t drive I didn’t get there that often. I always meant to go down for one of their DBA nights, but never did get a chance. I’m sorry to see the place go.

I did make a point of buying some stuff there today. I hope it helps the store close in the black. I picked up three Osprey books about the English Civil War. It’s a period I’m considering gaming and while I hadn’t planned to buy those books today I figured what the hell. Also got a couple of army books for the Disposable Heroes game and Ferdinand assault gun for my 15mm Germans. I think the store is open for another few weeks, so if you are in the Seattle area and like minis do stop by and help Fire and Sword go out of business with as much money in pocket as possible.

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