GTS Over

GAMA Trade Show ended today. I did not attend for the first time in nearly a decade, which was a little weird. Nicole, Bill, Hal, and Rob represented for GR though and reports indicate it was a really good show for us. In addition to making the A Song of Ice and Fire announcement and the Faery’s Tale announcement, we got to show off the True20 Companion and advanced copies of Walk the Plank (a family-friendly card game), promote our new publishing strategy for Freeport, and give retailers our new slick catalog. In an era when print advertising is less and less effective, opportunities like GTS to do direct marketing to retailers are very much worthwhile.

The strange thing about this year’s GTS is the lack of big news. I had been a little worried going into the show that the A Song of Ice and Fire press release would have to compete with a lot of other big announcements. For whatever reason though this year was more subdued than any I can remember, the upside of which was that our news really got to shine. The most interesting thing I heard from the show is that some new company is bringing back Avalon Hill’s old Titan boardgame. And poor John Kovalic got food poisoning again (sorry John!).

I have to wonder if all this is just happenstance or whether it portends something about the year to come. After the last couple of years in the industry, I hope it’s the former.

Addendum: For you podcast fans, I made a return visit this week to 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction. You can hear the show at

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