Monstrous Mystery

I got home from work last night to find a UPS package waiting for me. I had just gotten the package with the final two volumes of Preacher in it the day before and wasn’t expecting anything else. I opened it to discover two copies of Paizo’s new Monster Ecologies. I was pleased to get them but confused. I’ve never written an “Ecology of” article for Dragon Magazine (the source for the content of this book). I flicked to the credits and saw I was in the “special thanks” category. The mystery deepens. I then started paging through the book and on page 33 found something called “Monstrous Evolution” that showed how the look and feel of Githyanki had changed from their first appearance in the Fiend Folio to today. The top third of the page featured a quote of mine about why I like the Githyanki.

At last it all became clear. Months ago Wes Schneider at Paizo asked if I could write a little something on my favorite D&D; monster. I had thought it was for article in Dragon. When the recent news about Dragon and Dungeon hit, I had wondered if that article was going to appear before Dragon’s final issue. Question answered and mystery solved.

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