More Tunes for Workin’

On seeing the news about Jerry Falwell dying today, I was immediately seized with the urge to hear the Dead Kennedys song “Moral Majority”. I have the vinyl, of course, but that wasn’t going to do me any good at work. I went to I-tunes and discovered the EP on which that song appears, In God We Trust, Inc, was appended to another DK’s album, Plastic Surgery Disasters. I figured what the hell and bought it all. The chorus of “Moral Majority” (“God must be dead if you’re alive!”) is now sweetly ironic, but the song still rocks.

I was happy to get some new music on my I-tunes, but that wasn’t enough. I’m fairly sick of the music I’ve got at work and I’ve been meaning to pick up some new CDs for a couple of weeks. Today I lunch I took a short bus ride to Easy Street, one of the better record stores in Seattle and located right down the hill from Flying Lab. I picked up four CDs, two used and two new.

Christ on Parade, “Sounds of Nature”: This is another record I have on vinyl but I was tempted by the CD repackage. It includes a whole other EP and two other songs from a long forgotten comp. This is classic political hardcore from California. My old band used to cover the “Landlord Song”.

Bikini Kill, “Reject All American”: This is one of Bikini Kill’s later records and I just never got around to picking it up. Angry riot grrrls, oh yes.

The Tossers, “Agony”: I didn’t realize the Tossers put out a new record in March. Woohoo. More celto-punk? Yes, please.

The Birthday Party, “Prayers on Fire”: This is the first album by Nick Cave’s old band. Cave took awhile to grow on me but it did finally happen. Figured it was time to go back to his roots. Nicole will no doubt be sad to find out that “Release the Bats” is not on this record.

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