Always on a Sunday

I made a real effort to get some work done today and was largely successful. I worked for three hours this morning, and then took a break for a few hours so Nik and I could see our last movie of the Seattle International Film Festival. It was an amusing and dark comedy called Little Book of Revenge. After some of the so-so films we had seen this year, we were relieved that the last one was thoroughly enjoyable. As soon as I saw the title in the preview guide, I knew Nik had to see it. The director was on hand and he introduced the film by saying, “Thank you for choosing to celebrate revenge instead of Father’s Day.” Indeed, sir, indeed.

Once home it was back to work until 11. I was able to cross seven items off my to-do list, including the long-delayed revision of my Hobby Games: the 100 Best essay. I was hoping to get ten items off the list today but seven is not bad. All this did preclude me from writing up the Herbfarm experience, but Nicole has done so on her blog. I will try to follow-up later this week. Hopefully, that won’t fall into the same black hole as the post about ABC No Rio I meant to make after my visit to NYC back in February.

Oh, and my friend Rob is a daddy, so congrats to him and his family. And in continuing the month o’ Green Ronin birthdays, it’s Hal’s on Monday so here’s to him. Now falling unconscious sounds good!

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