ENnies Nominations

I probably don’t say this enough, but all of my comrades at Green Ronin kick ass. They work hard day after day for very little reward while dealing with a whole lot of bullshit. It makes me happy to see them get some recognition, as happened today with the announcement of ENnie Award nominees. Between Green Ronin’s own products and those we designed and developed for Black Industries, we have received 14 nominations and 3 honorable mentions. Faery’s Tale also received three nominations, which is cool because GR is publishing Faery’s Tale Deluxe this summer. Here’s our list of nominations:

Best Cover Art: Ultimate Power (HM)
Best Interior Art: Ultimate Power, Children of the Horned Rat
Best Production Values: Ultimate Power
Best Writing: Children of the Horned Rat
Best Rules: Ultimate Power, WFRP Companion (HM)
Best Supplement: Ultimate Power, WFRP Companion, Tome of Corruption (HM)
Best Adventure: Time of Vengeance, Lure of the Liche Lord
Best Aid/Accessory: Deck of Many Things
Best d20/OGL Product: Ultimate Power
Product of the Year: Ultimate Power, Children of the Horned Rat
Fans’ Choice for Best Publisher

Big thanks also to the talented freelancers who worked on our products. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Now on to GenCon Indy!

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