Freeport in the House

We got a single advanced copy of the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport today. After all the work that’s gone into this book I was worried that at the last minute some stupid printer problem was going to muck it up. I can now relax because the finished product looks great. Not that I hadn’t gone through the PDF many a time, but holding the physical product is different. You can feel how hefty it is and see the Wayne Reynolds cover in its full glory. We tried to make this book premium and it shows. The paper is a better stock than we use in our softbacks, there’s a lovely color section with yet more Wayne Reynolds art, and Andy Law’s beautiful maps are printed on the end papers. Quite slick all in all. I also confirmed with the printer today that everything is on track for book to debut at Gen Con. It’s also looking like the True20 Freeport Companion and Dark Wings Over Freeport will release at the show as well, so it’s going to be a Freeport bonanza. Since Death in Freeport came out at Gen Con seven years ago, this couldn’t be more appropriate.

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