Having a Punk Rock Day

I’m feeling a bit like crap today but I must soldier on. I’m going to do something I haven’t done since I lived in NYC: go to two punk shows back to back. Several months ago I noticed that the Street Dogs and the Tossers were playing together and I made plans to go. The new Street Dogs album is really good, and I’ve wanted to see the Tossers again for a long time. They were through here maybe a year and a half ago and that was first exposure to them. I enjoyed that show quite a bit and since then I’ve picked up four of their albums and they’ve become a favorite. They too have an excellent new record, “Agony,” so there was no chance I’d miss this show.

Then just a couple of weeks ago my old band mate Amanda told me that Christ on Parade, a political punk band from San Fran that I really liked, had started doing gigs again. I had introduced Amanda to Christ on Parade in the early 90s and our band used to cover their “Landlord Song.” In one of those odd twists of fate, Amanda ended up not only moving to San Francisco, but also working with Noah, one of the members of Christ on Parade. I was glad she tipped me off because I went to their MySpace page and discovered they were playing Seattle. At fist I was bummed because I already had a ticket to the other show. Then I realized that the Christ on Parade show was at 4 at the Funhouse and the Street Dogs/Tossers show was at 7 at El Corazon. The clubs are fairly close and I can get between them easily by bus. In short the stars are right for a punk rock day.

1 thought on “Having a Punk Rock Day

  1. I do not follow music

    somehow it got shuffled in the priorities

    going to shows just does not do it for my anymore

    although I did have a fantastic time at the Manu Chao/Thievery show a month or so back

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