Go Go August Begins

I’m leaving for the airport in an hour and jetting off to England. I’m the gaming guest of honor at a convention in Cambridge called Recombination. Today I’ve been trying to take care of dozens of small tasks so I can leave knowing that everything is well in hand. I’m taking a redeye and I got up at 6 am so there’d be a chance of me being tired on the flight. I’m coming back Monday night, working Tuesday and Wednesday at Flying Lab, and then taking another redeye to Indianapolis. If you see me the first day of GenCon, don’t be surprised if I’m completely zombified. To my vast relief it seems my toes were not broken, just badly bruised. It surely would have sucked to start two weeks of travel with three broken toes. Particularly when Gen Con means being on my feet for 12 hours a day.

The debut episode of Green Ronin podcast went up yesterday and you can find that at the company website. I was hoping the advanced copy of Paragons that the printer sent would arrive before I left, but it’s looking like it won’t. Guess I’ll have to wait until next week to get a look. So far everything seems on track for us to debut nine new books at Gen Con, which is pretty crazy. I think that’s more than we released the first two years the company existed!

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