What Does My Crystal Ball Show?

Back in January I wrote this:

“I expect to see an announcement from WotC this year about 4th edition D&D;, probably at GenCon. The types of products that they are doing show all the signs that a new edition is in the works: compendiums (first spells, soon magic items, and then rules), disposable adventures, experiments (Book of Nine Swords), and nostalgia products. This is all the sort of stuff that happened in the waning years of second edition. Plus 2008 will be five years since the release of 3.5, which makes it a natural time to hit the reset button.”

I guess I’ll found out in a day or two if I was right.

1 thought on “What Does My Crystal Ball Show?

  1. I am not a gamer

    but I do think that the era of the coin operated video game machine with the society that revolved around the local arcade was a cool time to grow up as a teen

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