PS Samwise Is Dead

I finished the various graphic novels series that I’ve been plowing through over the past few months. Then I paused, undecided on what to read next. Last week Ray recommended a few things to me, including Grant Morrison’s run on the Justice League of America. I hadn’t read a team supers series since I tried (and discarded) Whedon’s run on the X-Men, so I picked up the first three graphic novels to give it a shot. I like Morrison, so I figured I’d like the books and largely I do. What’s really irritating me though is that these stories were apparently forced to maintain the continuity with the characters’ regular comics. This means that major developments occur offscreen and are never really explained. So in between the first graphic novel and the second, Superman is transformed into a being of pure energy who must wear a containment suit. Then between the second and the third Wonder Woman dies. It’s like picking up the Two Towers and finding a footnote from Tolkien that says, “PS Samwise is dead and I won’t tell you how or why it happened.” I’m on the fence on whether or not to continue after #3. Anyone got some good suggestions for other graphic novels to check out?

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