Look Out! Soul Is Back

Well it took me a month but I finally got this site up and running again. My old host just went out of business with warning. This wouldn’t have been so bad but I got the domain through them. That made getting it transferred tricky because there was no one there to deal with. Now I’ve taken care of that and gotten a new hosting company. The package includes 500 e-mail addresses and I have no idea what to do with those. If there’s one thing I don’t need it’s another e-mail address.

Last night Nik and I went to see the Comedians of Comedy tour. The Showbox (site, strangely enough, of WotC’s employee Xmas party in 1999) is a pretty shitty venue for comedy, having nearly no seats. I think the Moore Theater would have been better suited for the event. Anyway, other than having to stand up for three plus hours the show was really good. The always funny Patton Oswalt warmed up the crowd, then six other comics performed before he came back to give the final performance. Brian Posehn, who’s easily the best part of the Sarah Silverman Program, put in a great set. He and Patton are like the poster nerds of comedy. They totally need to play some Mutants & Masterminds.

Tomorrow the Green Ronin Summit starts. Once a year we fly everybody out to Seattle so we can spend a few days planning, kibitzing, and organizing. We’ve found that this face time is really valuable for a company that does most of its work virtually. There are GR folks in five states spread all over the country, so we don’t have “water cooler talk” or lunch time gaming. If I have a random idea, I can’t shout over the cube wall to Rob and ask him what he thinks. You can certainly do a lot with phones and e-mail, but it’s hard to replace good old human interaction.

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