Tired of Spineless Pussies

When Lyndon Johnson went ahead with civil rights legislation, he famously said that it would lose the Democrats the South for a generation and if anything he underestimated the impact. He went ahead though because passing civil rights legislation was the right thing to do and it was long, long overdue. Today’s Democrat’s would never have the balls to do something like that, which indicates that they have no idea why it is that there were able to take over Congress. I am tired of watching these spineless pussies pretend that they are any kind of opposition party. They are so worried about looking weak on terrorism or weak on law and order that they continue to capitulate as the Bushies wipe their asses with the Constitution.

Hint to clueless Democrats: capitulation to bullying does not make you look strong. Actual defiance does. Maybe you should try it some time.

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