Out with the Old

For months now Nik and I have been talking about taking a bunch of books to Halfprice Books. Yesterday we finally did it. We easily filled up 8 boxes and brought them in. The books were an eclectic mix, though only one was full of RPGs. That one had about 40 books, mostly old and crappy d20 books I never needed to look at again. We got a few hundred bucks for the lot, which wasn’t great but the more important thing is that 8 boxes of books left my house. Now other books can graduate from piles in inconvenient places to actual shelving. This is progress.

I know Nik was worried that I’d just replace those books with different books while we were there. I did have a chance to browse Halfprice Books while we waited for them to assess our lot. They had tons of 3.X D&D; books, so it looks like the dumping has begun. I only brought home 3 things though, and this was part of my project to reacquire game stuff I used to have but don’t anymore for some reason. These are things I loaned out and forgot about it, left in a dark corner of my parent’s basement, or just lost in one of my many moves. Yesterday I was able to get unpunched copy of the original Squad Leader game, a punched but in good shape copy of PanzerBlitz, and the original Unearthed Arcana for AD&D.; That cost me $50 of the money I had just made selling books I didn’t want anyway. Score.

1 thought on “Out with the Old

  1. I got my original AD&D; Unearthed Arcana at an auction. The price made it up to $20 CDN before the auctioneer opened the book and said, “Hey, it’s autographed by Gary Gygax, GenCon XIII” (or whatever Roman number they were up to at that point), at which point every hand up in the auction room zipped down so fast the auctioneer couldn’t see who last had a hand up.

    He had to back-track the bidding, begging people who he *knew* had had their hand up at $19, $18, $17 to put their hands back up. I finally got it at $15.


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